Cyber Awareness Training

Solidify your team. Provide your staff with cyber awareness training to help them understand basic cyber threats and how they can help prevent incidents during their daily work routines

Your Complete Security Awareness Training Program

More than ever, your users are the weak link in your network security. They need to be trained by our experts and after the training stay on their toes, keeping security top of mind.

inCyber Security utilizes the world’s most popular integrated Security Awareness Training and Simulated Phishing platfor. Based on our unique first-hand cybersecurity and cyber compliance experience, we will manage and run the platform to better manage the urgent security problems of social engineering, spear-phishing and ransomware attacks.

With world-class, user-friendly new-school Security Awareness Training, we give you both pre-and post-training phishing security assessments and tests that show you the percentage of end-users that are Phish-prone. inCyber’s highly effective, frequent, random Phishing Security Tests provide several remedial options in case an employee falls for a simulated phishing attack.

Many IT pros don’t exactly know where to start when it comes to creating a security awareness program that will work for their organization. Let us help your organization in firming up your firms’ cyber security awareness.

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Learn how your cyber security vulnerabilities could impact your business with an executive report.




Phishing Campaigns

With our cyber security training we take our time to learn your company; it’s culture, processes, business, people, etc. From there we tailor our training specifically to your company, maximizing the effectiveness

  • Completely Tailored – We do not do “cookie-cutter” in any aspect of our work, including training. Each business is different, which means the end-users will respond better to training specific to them. That is what we do

  • Multiple Formats – Your training can be delivered in any format that suits your culture

  • Review – We can review the end-users on the content to help identify users who may need extra training

Think your employees are armed with the knowledge of what emails to open, links to click, and what to do in the event of a mistake? Our phishing campaigns will help train them.

  • Actionable Metrics – We provide metrics on the company as a whole, repeat offenders, relative comparisons to the rest of the industry, etc. Using this data we can create a plan for improving overall cyber education throughout the company

  • Tailored Training – Using the results of the phishing campaign we can tailor training to teams or individuals

  • Varying Difficulty – Our campaigns will vary in difficulty to make sure your employees remain vigilant against these attacks.

Arm Your Employees With Real Cyber Defense Knowledge

“Amateurs hack systems, professionals hack people.”