Digital Asset Protection

inCyber Security understands the complexity and multitude of paths that can be taken when trying to secure cryptocurrencies and digital assets. Every firm has it’s own operational strengths and weakness that need to be assessed when considering cyber security solutions. Our experience and knowledge will allow us to design and implement a security framework from wallet to execution to custodial practices.

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Independent View


Risk Exposure


Partnership Approach

inCyber provides you the piece of mind of having an experienced and independent team of cyber security experts to provide an impartial view on your security threats and regulatory risk. We work with all vendors and will help you assess best fit should you require a new or additional vendors or technology.


“Cold storage”, “off line wallet”, “hot storage”. We will assess your operational functions when it comes to your funds’ storage and execution methods to figure out best methods of storage. Also, depending on regulatory and business factors we will work with your IT and custodian (if any), to implement a process that is secure and effective for all parties.

Cyber security is not just another IT function. Rather, it’s a cross-functional process between IT, compliance, operations and management to ensure that your firm is protected from IT, physical, regulatory and other cyber threats. We partner with your internal management and executive teams to ensure that risks are identified and a reasonable remediation plan is in place to manage regulatory risks and security.