Complete Security Program

(Outsourced CISO)

inCyber Security believes every firm, large and small, should have a cyber secure and cyber compliant environment to ensure investors and regulators that you are doing everything you can to protect their data. Our Complete Security Program (Outsourced CISO) service does that. We empower our clients to confidently speak to stakeholders about their cyber posture in this evolving cyber-threat landscape

Independent View

inCyber provides you the piece of mind of having an experienced and independent team of cybersecurity experts to provide an impartial view on your security threats and regulatory risk.

Cyber Risk Management

As your CISO, we will help you develop, implement and maintain a cybersecurity framework and maturity plan that will scale as you do. Using our proven model, we help mitigate cyber risk by providing a truly independent view on your infrastructure and operations.

Partnership Approach

Cybersecurity is not just another IT function. Rather, it’s a cross-functional process between IT, compliance, operations and management to ensure that your firm is protected from IT, physical, regulatory and other cyber threats. We partner with your internal management and executive teams to ensure that risks are identified and a reasonable remediation plan is in place to manage regulatory risks and security.

Full Infrastructure, Policy, and Operations Audit & Assessment

Gain a complete understanding of your current cyber security and cyber compliance risks and strengths.


Cyber Framework Guidance

Expert guidance on implementing and maintaining your firms cyber security framework.


Cyber Awareness Training

Taking your company culture and specific business operations into consideration, we provide relevant and engaging training for your employees. This same attention to detail comes into play during our phishing campaigns as well.


Clear, Simplified Language

Our CISO’s knows how to translate all that complex, technical language into easy-to-understand terms. Our goal is to get the right people involved in the risk management process.

Cyber Security / Cyber Compliance Risk Analysis Report

A no-nonsense report of your risks in clear and simplified language so that you understand the business impacts.


Cybersecurity Maturity Plan

An extremely detailed road map to maturing your cybersecurity and cyber compliance.


On-going Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability scanning and pen testing are combined and continually executed. We always know and understand what your top security risks are, as well as developing plans to address those risks.


Vendor Management & Diligence

Understanding your business is vital to understanding your vendors. As your CISO, we will assess vendor risks and manage the cybersecurity diligence process.

Executive Advisory Services

High-level advisory services as your CISO.


Project Planning & Prioritization

Working with all departments, we maintain a prioritized project plan to execute your tailored maturity plan.


Policy Writing and Maintenance

Regulators love policies, but they don’t like cookie-cutter, templated policies. All our clients have policies completely tailored to their needs.


ROI Metrics & KPI's

Cybersecurity ROI is difficult to measure. That hasn’t stopped us from continually evolving our risk models and tools to provide useful metrics to track cybersecurity maturity within your business environment.

Incident Response

Incident response planning, testing, and execution.


Regulatory Adherence

We are continually updated with the latest regulatory expectations, which fuels our continuous mock regulatory exams.


Cultural Integration

Every company has it’s own personality and culture. Our team will take the time to integrate with your company so that we can provide relevant cyber security efforts. This also helps us set proper expectations.



Our proven process is very nebulous, which is why we love very detailed documentation. Which we are always happy to share with our clients.

Customized Service Plans

We can customize an engagement to meet your needs and budget.

Some customers only need an assessment and on-going advisory services, while others need our entire offering. We are able to tailor a Security Program specific to your organizations needs.