Penetration Testing

In life, like security, the hardest weaknesses to pinpoint are your own. Fortunately for you, we have no problem thoroughly documenting all of your flaws. In fact, it’s our job. And that’s a good thing: Knowing your vulnerabilities – and the ways in which attackers could exploit them – is one of the greatest insights you can get in improving your overall security program. With that in mind, inCyber’s Penetration Testing Services simulate real-world attacks on your networks, applications, devices, and/or people to test the security level of your key systems and infrastructure. Much like your mom, we don’t highlight your failings because it bothers you—we do it because we care.

You should also understand the differences between a pen test and vulnerability scan. Here’s a quick video that explains those differences.

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Learn how your cyber security vulnerabilities could impact your business with an executive report.


Not just security experts

No one likes to feel lost in technical “mumbo-jumbo” when trying to discuss business impacts. Our pen test reporting comes with a high-level, executive overview that will explain our findings in bottom-line, business impact language.

What to fix and a path to remediation

The best you can hope for from most penetration tests is a long list of problems with little context on how to fix them or where to start. Helpful, right? inCyber adopts Rapid7’s DREAD methodology, which provides a prioritized list of issues, based on the damage potential, reproducibility, exploitability, number of affected users, and discoverability of each finding.

What can you expect? A detailed description and proof of concept for each finding, as well as an actionable information so that you can create a remediation plan. If you’d like more detailed assistance in remediation, we can work with your IT and create a full remediation plan to address our findings.

Compliance is a by-product of good security

We believe that good security begets good compliance. That’s why our efforts are focused on helping you better understand attackers and how to defend against them. This extends to our penetration testing services; every company’s network and challenges are unique, so our penetration testers tailor their methods and attack vectors for each engagement. We also conduct penetration tests on our own infrastructure regularly.