Policy & Procedures

A Written Information Security Program (WISP) is a SET of cyber security policies and standards that is tailored for your specific organization. This product is an editable, easily implemented set of documents that contains the policies, standards and guidelines that your company can use to establish a leading framework-based security program.

Unlike some of our competition that sell “canned or out-of-the-box” documentation, we understand that a standard is a standard for a reason. We take out the substandard, template language associated with low-level cyber policies – we focus on providing documentation that offers the straightforward solution to provide the appropriate coverage for your firm and its operations. This focus on providing the best solution for our clients makes us proud that we are providing the best set of security policies and standards in the industry. Saving a few dollars on a cheap solution can easily leave you with a false sense of security and gaping holes in your documentation that can leave you liable and unsecured.

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What are some of the problems a good policy solves?

Lack of In House Security Experience – Writing security documentation is a skill that many good IT professionals simply are not proficient at or just avoid the task all together. Having a skilled security policy writer write comprehensive documentation means you are getting a tried and proven set of policies and procedures that will help shape the cyber security framework for your firms future growth and security.

  • Compliance Requirements – Nearly every organization, regardless of industry, is required to have formally-documented security policies and standards. Our policies are tailored to each organization and focuses on leading security frameworks to address reasonably-expected security requirements. Your policy will map to all cyber security compliance requirements so you can clearly understand your adherence!

  • Audit Failures – Security documentation does not age gracefully like a fine wine. Outdated documentation leads to gaps that expose organizations to audit failures and system compromises. The policies we write maintain standards and provides mapping to leading security frameworks to show you exactly what is required to both stay secure and compliant.

  • Vendor Requirements – It is very common for clients and partners to request evidence of a security program and this includes policies and standards. These policies provide this evidence!