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Due Diligence

Even if you have the best cyber secure infrastructure possible, what about the 3rd party providers who have access to your data? Your vendors, partners and service providers. Do THEY have the best cyber security in place? Think of all your information a fund administrator or legal advisory firm has access to. What about the IT vendor who can access any part of your systems at anytime? These businesses have access to all that data, because they need it to provide the services you pay them for. So eliminating their access is not a solution, but here are some ways of ensuring that these partners are not giving hackers an entry-way into your infrastructure.

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Learn how your cyber security vulnerabilities could impact your business with an executive report.


More than just a questionnaire

We do send out questionnaires to your vendors, but that’s just the beginning. Depending on the answers we will have follow up conversations with each vendor to help clarify findings, understand their future cybersecurity goals, and bring to light any potential security concerns. Based on those discussions, we prepare a vendor due diligence report with respect to the target company for operations, compliance, and potential investors which includes an independent analysis and evaluation of the potential cyber security and cyber compliance risks and potential remediation paths.

The vendor due diligence report constitutes a credible, independent report suitable for both corporate and external review as well as considers typical security, compliance, and clients’ concerns, including opportunities as well as risks and focuses on key value drivers. As our work is in progress we provide continuous feedback to management on issues identified during vendor due diligence process.

VENDOR DUE-VIGILANCE- Cyber Assess Your 3rd Party Vendors