Vulnerability Scanning & Assessment

Many organizations are required by regulatory bodies, to perform periodic vulnerability assessments. In fact, in the event of a data breach, the lack of effective scanning and reporting can lead to a determination of negligence. Fortunately, inCyber Security’s vulnerability scans  provide a thorough and prioritized check-up to ensure your systems are being protected.

You should understand the difference between a vulnerability scan and penetration test. Here’s a quick video that explains it.

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Validate security compliance with actionable information.

Changes to networks, systems and applications are constant and even a small oversight can leave information technology infrastructure vulnerable to exploitation and attack.

Vulnerability scanning of the information technology infrastructure provides some of the most valuable, actionable information for a firms cyber security risks. Unfortunately its too often seen only as a ‘check box’ task that occurs once a year with little operational usefulness.

inCyber Security offers on-demand or regularly scheduled vulnerability scanning for it’s clients. Providing the company with a prioritized list of it’s findings, but also assisting IT with an on-going remediation plan.